Video of Ronald Reagan in 1980 dismissing a fence between the US and Mexico

your boy Matt Welch over at Reason brings to light an interesting portion of the Reagan / Bush Sr debate in 1980

In it we see two conservatives actually speak conservatively

George Bush Sr. is asked if he’s ok with illegal immigrants utilizing the public schools. Like some sort of hippie freak he says he’d feel bad if an 8-year-old was denied an education.

Then Ronald Reagan, looking mighty frisky i must say, poo-poos the age old idea of a Border Fence. wait what???

i wonder if all those people Wednesday night (cough Rick Perry) at the Ronald Reagan library who were in favor of the fence knew that St. Reagan would have disagreed with them regarding said fence, moat, and gators, etc?

Speaking of Reagan and Rick Perry. Look at ole Ron Paul throwing off the gloves and getting down and dirty in his latest glossy tv ad dissing Perry for being Al Gore’s former so-and-so:

No wonder Sarah Palin is sitting this one out.