went on a bike beach bar crawl yesterday and experienced some planking

zsa planking with karisa laughing

ten hours of boozing and eating and laughing with karisa, her bro, and zsa zsa his wife (pictured) wiped me out

i still havent left the house and i dont think i will.

zsa zsa and neal are two of the funniest, funnest, happiest people you’ll meet.

how fun?

zsa for example was hungover when the above photo was snapped.

that is not what i look like hungover, thats for sure.

we had just ridden bikes along the beach for a good 20 minutes

and after the planking and bubbly drinking:

she had to put herself in timeout for i think exactly 2 minutes.

but then she ate a plate of food that only a real trooper would have ever attempted

toast with a hole cut in it

a fried egg in the hole

a burger on top of it

and i believe gravy spread around it all

on top a bed of fries.

we all downed mimosas and people watched on an outside patio

and 10 bars later we took a cab home

hi summer!