1. Saturday, September 10, 2011

    xbi isnt happy 

    etienne in chile keeping it real

    but sometimes you cant make everyone happy.

    in fact sometimes you shouldnt try to make anyone happy but yrself.

    im not saying Always be selfish, im just suggesting that if youre not physically hurting anyone

    and your intentions really are sincere

    even if it pisses off  a group of undercover superheroes

    and if you have a few weeks on your hands before you get serious about re-entering the working world,

    maybe it would be ok to take a little road trip around the country

    even if it is with the daughter of the man who invented the xbi.

    one of the most fascinating men any of us have ever heard about

    thus imagine what his only daughter is like.

    xbi: tony, seriously you cannot do this. there will be trouble at the border.

    tony: we wont have any troubles, any where.

    xbi: you’ll have trouble in the South.

    tony: we’re not going to the South.

    xbi: we know you’re going directly to the South.

    tony: then make sure we wont have trouble.