1. Sunday, September 18, 2011

    xbi was all dude you have to be kidding 

    niagra falls yo

    i was like what?

    xbi: Nice car chase through Ontario. Do you have any idea how much damage you did to our vehicles?

    tony: dont know. dont care.

    xbi: You should.

    tony: you stole those cars and copters anyways.

    xbi: Still, they have value.

    tony: uh huh. ok gotta run now.

    xbi: You can’t run if you’re freaking CHECKING IN ON FOURSQUARE.

    tony: nothing in there is true bro.

    xbi: Our intelligence says otherwise.

    tony: let me count the ways i can make jokes about your “intellegence”

    xbi: You can’t even spell it.

    tony: fine, im at Niagra Falls. wanna picture of it from our suite?

    xbi: We heard you married her.

    tony: again with your intelligence.

    xbi: You realize what would happen to you if you did something that foolish with the boss’s daughter.

    tony: how many ways can i tell you i dont care?

    xbi: He only wants her as his heir.

    tony: at the Casino where we didnt get married we signed a prenup on the bill of the cubs hat she bought me as a non wedding present.

    xbi: We will throw you into those falls.

    tony: promise?