xbi: We asked you to stop quoting us on your blog

etienne at the Rehab pool at the hard rock

me: no, you ESPed that to me and i told you thats freaking creepy, so knock it off.

xbi: We use that technique to remind you where you come from.

me: trust me, i know who i am and how i got here. and i reject it, and you.

xbi: Judging from your secret photos, you didn’t reject Agent E.

me: omg are you serious? imma post a picture of one of your most notorious agents giving the double peace sign in the hard rock pool.

xbi: She would never do that. She knows what the consequences would be if she was photographed flashing that.

me: yep, with a flick of your evil switch she’d feel pain again. just like what you did to me when i started the busblog. i told her she could handle it. if not thrive.

xbi: Do you know who her father is?

me: i know everything.

xbi: She would never.

me: posted!