you always learn a little more about the USA when you travel abroad

and usually it’s not good.

for example, most americans believe that anyone who doesnt live in america omg totally would do anything to become americans.

first off, who the hell are we to even call ourselves “americans”. south americans dont call themselves that, central americans dont either, and our fellow north americans – the canadians – sure as hell dont have the gall neither.

so the first thing i learned recently here in the great white north is that to be an “american” implies having a certain sense of arrogance from the word go.

not sure how we fix that, but perhaps we can begin by acknowledging it.

one thing that made me really embarrassed today was seeing our American embassy here in Canadas capital city of Ottawa.

everyone else from the Saudis to the Kuwaitis to the British have perfectly fine embassies that mind their own business. but the American one, after 9/11, now has all these huge barriers around it. they even went so far as to abscond two lanes of street so no one could park or drive too close to it.

the home of the brave, even in canada, has turned super dooper paranoid.

frankly, it’s embarrassing.

this is a country where the ambassador’s residence overlooks some of the most beautiful real estate in the whole city and where american flags fly any time someone bigtime visits this beautiful town.

and yet the one place that is actual american soil is barricaded and looks like a cold, sad prison.

people in canada play american football, there are baseball diamonds everywhere, and our influence can be seen block after block after block.

one block id like to see changed is the one around our embassy, and soon, because if you were here and if you were from the States you would probably feel just as crappy about it as i do.