your girl Danielle is on the dating sites, but still cant find love

from a very long blog post from her blog, keeping it real, danielle does just that:

My job is ridiculously pitiful
and it makes me want to do drugs so bad
just to get through my fucking waking life.
I am so far behind on paying for my pitiful life
that abandoning ship seems like hope.
Imagine that.
I have not found or tasted love in years, literally a great many years.
What once was a youthful girl so full of life
is now a middle aged girl who still acts the same.
It hasnt “gotten” me anywheres.
I am turned on by nothing.
Addicted to doing nothing.
Smoking more cigarettes than I will admit.
Ive lost all interest in my bikes
in my hikes
in the movies
in the music
in the people
in books.
If you saw me youd say Im sexy and fun and you wouldnt
understand any of this writing
cause it belies me
but it is me.

i must say, i have never liked san dieger, and im not at all surprised that the single men down there have not paid much attention to our girl – even those dumbasses know shes out of their league, but still