tony pierce shot in centerville

dude who shot tony pierce, allegedlytheres a town called Centerville. it’s in Utah.

sunday a dude shot a man named Tony Pierce, who was his neighbor.

it wasnt me. i was watching football and reading the bible. also im not 41.

The 41-year-old victim, identified by neighbors as Tony Pierce, was hit once in the leg and once in the back, police said. A helicopter flew him to University Hospital, where police said he was undergoing surgery to repair life-threatening injuries in his chest cavity. As of Monday morning, he was recovering after having his spleen and the bullet removed, according to the Centerville Police Department.

people always aim for the spleen.

i’ll never understand that.

Police arrested a 53-year-old Mike Selleneit and planned to book him into the Davis County jail on suspicion of attempted homicide. His wife was also taken into custody.

his wife too? were they joined at the hip? was she spotting for him?

The shooting happened about 5 p.m. at a trailer park at 555 N. 400 West.

ok that explains it. good thing there werent any kids around.

The victim’s 8-year-old daughter was in the trailer during the shooting but was not harmed, police said.

dude shot at a neighbor who had a kid in the house? what sick frick would do that?

Centerville officer Rolynn Snow said police found a .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun in Selleneit’s trailer apparently used in the shooting.

In 1991, Selleneit pleaded guilty but mentally ill to a felony count of attempted sexual abuse of a child. Snow said Selleneit was cooperating and accurately answering questions for detectives. The 1991 conviction prohibits Selleneit from possessing a gun.

so was my namesake cray cray too?

Cathy Greaves lives in the same trailer park but did not hear the shooting. She called Pierce “a real nice guy” who did not cause trouble.

in the follow up story today, the word is that tony pierce is fighting for his life.

and the shooter is saying pierce used his ESP to threaten he and his wife.

According to a probable cause statement filed with the Davis County jail, Selleneit told detectives he shot Pierce in self-defense with intent to kill him. Selleneit claimed Pierce had been “telepathically threatening” to kill Selleneit and his wife.

“Selleneit also claimed that Pierce had telepathically raped his wife on many occasions,” police wrote in the statement.

i cant wait for the televised court proceedings.

get well tony pierce of utah!

today is the xbi boss’s birthday

boss's daughter

there isnt much known about the boss other than he

a) has a daughter
b) may have more offspring
c) is happily married
d) is from chile
e) lived for quite a while in canada
f) has spent good amount of time in the usa
g) enjoys baseball
h) babies love him
i) errryone loves him
j) doesn’t speak much

apparently the plan was to get me to re-join the xbi – again – but i went the exact other way and signed on with public radio this fall, as many of you know.

some people call that the closest thing to socialism in the USA next to working at a post office.

so the boss’s daughter decided she would try to woo me into joining her daddy’s undercover superhero group herself. but something happened and the canadian xbi, the cix, caused problems for us at the border.

never one to put his daughter in danger, the boss allowed her to visit me in Hollywood, but quickly removed her from my premises soon after my birthday and now she is back in canada, where i assume he is too.

ive never met the boss, only spoken to him via Skype, but the way the xbi works, it was entirely a hoax for all i know. either way the gentleman on the other side of the screen was everything i expected: soft spoken, suave, and eerily polite.

odds are he was reading my mind. sadly for him, the pages in my head are mostly blank or scribbled over.

legend has it that the boss was quite a rebel back in the day, and nowadays he handles his business in a much more subtle way. nearly zen like, stealthy.

like the King Ad Rock, the boss’s birthday is Oct 31, which is today.

we, past present and future xbi agents are all extremely happy that Lucho was born today. the world is better, safer, and funkier thanks to his presence.

Felis Kumpliåños el Jefe!

white girls rapping

kayBAYbayy420 on her first track she claims

whats great about this video, besides the pretty great lyrics

is that she seems to get a phone call and IM while trying to do her thing

does she use the n word? yes. whoops.

here we have heytheresexi1 who warns other women about her friends

because they carry weapons, allegedly.

either her room is very clean or she’s youtubing from a motel room.

which is a nice touch.

does she use the n word? oh yes. probably offensively.

lastly we meet a young lady who at first tells a sad story about her mother

and how her mother isnt there any more.

we feel for her as she as she delivers the tragedy

and then she says that she rips up the near-daily checks her father sends

and is frustrated with how much marijuana she smokes

in such a way that as it ends we see that the whole thing may have been a tribute

to the demon weed.

even she smiles at the end, wickedly.

worst person of the week: this cop in oakland

we can debate all night as to whether the Occupy movement has an end game, if they need a leader, and if theyre generally confused as to what the Occupy movement is all about.

the LA Times last week ran several pieces last week about Occupy LA including a news item about a radio talk show host who went there to try to stir things up, a gentle Kate Linthicum column one feature about some of the people spending time on City Hall’s lawn, a trippy Bryan Chan panorama of the scene, and today columnist Steve Lopez appeared a bit fed up with the whole deal.

but one guy who was clearly fed up with the protests happening in Oakland was one of the East Bay’s finest who took it upon himself to throw an exploding gas grenade into a group of protesters who were ailing a fallen comrade.

even if there were 100 perfect oakland cops out there that night, this one ruined it all for all of them.

my only hope is that the ranks collapse on that bad apple, and kick him out as quickly as they can.

if obama was smart he’d put jimi hendrix on the dollar


but not the dollar bill, thats old currency

obama should put hendrix on the new silver dollar they keep talking about.

apparently the george washington paper bill cost too much to make and replace all the time

so they want a coin like they have in canada -the loony.

experts say the coins could save the US 5-6 billion clams

americans seem to think that they will mistake a dollar coin from a quarter when they reach in their pocket.

but nowadays people dont have as much money as they used to, so something tells me

no one is just going to casually flip someone a dollar coin when they think its a quarter

people will be paying more attention these days

especially, i say, if jimi’s head is on one side

and him burning his stratacastor is on the flip side.

in fact i bet people might just start collecting those american dollar coins

especially if there are new ones every year or so.

youre welcome.

creativity is a girlfriend who likes to be kissed a lot

some girlfirends shouldnt be kissed alot, like stocks and green plants

leave those alone. love them, but dont obsess.

but some girlfriends are like blogs and do way better with attention and nurturing.

the more constant the better.

creativity is like a happy dog that wants to play fetch

for three straight hours.

then eat. then play for three more.

with the same stupid smile on its face.

creativity is like a new car that only wants to stop for gasoline injections

and hamburgers.

dont be a sunday driver.

dont be a part time lover

says yr best friend, imagination

riding on a bicycle built for two

across a tightrope of possibilities

waiting lovingly for you.