its dark and we’re wearing sunglasses

jake and elwood blues when you grow up in Chicago

and youre a kid

and it’s Halloween, you have to prepare for the weather while choosing what you will wear during Trick or Treat.

one summer the Blues Brothers came out and it instantly became my favorite film.

not only was it shot all around Chicago but the Mecca of the city was featured: Wrigley Field.

only problem with that Fall (besides the Cubs not reaching the playoffs) was that when October 31 rolled around it was really cold.

bitter cold.

Too bad, I thought, I have my Blues Brothers outfit all ready to go, i had the suit, the sunglasses, the hat.

But I also had The Mother.

I loved her then and I always will, but regardless of how many sweaters I wore under my dress shirt (which actually made for a better John “Jake Blues” Belushi) she insisted that i put a jacket on.

It’s freezing out there Tony, please put on a coat.

But Ma, I’m on a mission from God!

Like most arguments I had with my mother in those days, I lost, she won, and the general public was confused

Much like the first resident behind the door that I knocked on.

And who are you? They said.

Oh I am a Blues Brothers guy wearing a Bears jacket, duh.

Ah yes, heres your candy corn. Happy Halloween!

Which was the last moment I ever wore that jacket.

beautiful way to start the day

henry fuhrman

Henry Fuhrmann is one of the nicest and most powerful people you’ll ever meet.

At the Times he is an Asst. Managing Editor which may not seem much to you and me, but it secretly means he is one of the most important people at the paper and one of the big chiefs. In Hollywood he’d be called a “suit”. In business he’d be a VP.

In high school he’d be your BFF.

Basically he oversees the Copy Editors of which he is an excellent one and an even better manager. For me he was a beautiful resource and someone who I leaned on when we’d have to figure out how we’d handle describing Anthony Weiner’s junk and book titles like “Go the Fuck to Sleep”.

Ridiculously open-minded and friendly, with always an eye for better word choice(s)(?), one would think that the author of the clumsily written busblog would get along so well with the Word Czar, but we did, wonderfully.

As I understood it, yesterday he found out that I landed on my feet at KPCC and this morning he took a picture of his Emoticon Mood Dealie on his desk and gave me this little tribute on his Facebook page which totally warmed my heart.

Thanks Henry — for everything. Especially that

Keep Rockin!