lazy sunday in hollywood

lazy cat on vespa

to honor, sorry, HONOUR canada on canadian thanksgiving, America turned up the heat for north america

gonna be hot

dont box up yr bikinis cuz around humpday its gonna get even hotter

palm trees livin large

so i took a walk to the burrito stand to join in on the festivities

umbrella weather

walked past this lady and realized id forgotten my sumbrella ella ella

water pressure

so hot i was thinking about Do The Right Thing when i saw this shower ad on the side of a van

hearts of palm

have i mentioned that i love you Canada. i do. sorry.

scary see manager sign

i think you should all move here and see the manager about renting some rooms.

irmas unisex hair cuts

maybe get a haircut like the homies. you like unisex beauty shops right?

and not the nfl

you’ll feel at home cuz even on Sundays the burrito hut doesnt show football, only soccer

not raider fans

dont worry aboot all the scary people you see on tv at Raiders games, this is really what they look like


move here and i will show you where to get redbreast wiskey for under $50 (canadian)

bass harp

move here and Os will play you the Sanford & Son theme song on the bass harmonica

city of los angeles

move here but dont step on a crack as we dont have free healthcare to fix your mommas back