used to be fat premiere – amazing

used to be fat

mtv says they wanna capture the millennial generation

what are they saying about the kids when their two pronged attack is “chelsea settles” about a 325 lb young woman who dreams of being like kim kardasian

and a series called “i used to be fat” about adorable overweight american kids and their transformations.

chelsea settles misses for the same reason i used to be fat hits the mark

because the latter is more real. way more believable, and done in one sitting.

the premiere episode of i used to be fat gives us an unlikeable but totally ripped trainer,

a 300+ pound schoolboy and his unsupportive and unhealthy brothers.

much like the quality of the True Life series we get a little taste of the fears and dreams of the kids next door and watch them struggle and sometimes triumph.

mtv is doing perfectly fine in actual reality programming, no need to over produce it like they did with chelsea.