three years ago tonight i was at the weezer concert


at the fabulous forum in inglewood california

city of champions.

i cant even begin to tell you all of the water

thats gone under the bridge

in three short years.

but mama mia.

probs the craziest three short years ive ever had.

and with that, this is what i have to say

about the right now

in regards to the future

aka the next three years:






people ask ‘what do i tell my kids?’

hollywood hacker will get more time than rapists

i dont have kids and maybe i never will, because do the angels really want me to say to them what i probably will?

for example what if im sitting on the couch with nothing on but my homer simpson ‘not my fault’ pj bottoms?

and lets say im eating out of a box of reduced fat wheat thins

and im drinking out of a two liter of cherry coke

and my sweet little progeny says puh paw how could the Hollywood Hacker possibly get over 100 years in jail yet rapists never get that much time?

im prepared to tell my son, boy thats why youre here, you and your generation have been selected to fix that problem.

also you need to bring back metal.

big time.

now go nite nite after you practice your rock moves.

no kid should have to bear that much responsibility.

should they?