the trouble with birthdays

kirk cameron's birthday

its not how old youre getting, its how miserable your partys gonna be.

in the old days all it took were some ballons, a bunch of friends, and a quick trip to Farrell’s with your mom.

the bells would ring the metal bowls would come out and everyone would eat an endless amount of icecream.

there were presents galore, and because you rarely had money, the glory of all those gifts really meant something.

but with each year the parties get less raging, the day becomes sadder, and unless it involves las vegas or passing out, theres no way to live up to the earlier anniversaries and not be horribly depressed.

which is why this remarkably sad photo of kirk cameron, television star,

blowing out candles on what looks like a supermarket cake

on a lonely fold up table with some subway sandwiches

that are trying too hard

makes me think yes the stars really are just like us.

happy belated 41st birthday, former ‘growing pains’ star.

never heard of this pissed off talking head

but if you can make it through the lame intro

and the cheesy ass music

bro has some eye opening points and opinions.

is the Congress bought? they sure do rely on millions of dollars from PACs and Colbert schemes.

is the Congress bought? they sure do seem to vote across party lines on almost EVERY SINGLE important bill.

instead of representing the people whose districts/and or states they’re paid to represent.

if banks are also to blame, what can we do? well if they were people, m’friend, we could throw them in jail, or better yet, stone em.

the question is, does Obama have the guts to do the right thing and seriously be a historic leader.

or is he satisfied simply being just another ivy league suit

gettin his

and laughing all the way to the bank.