ring. ring. hello, xbi?

bosses daughter has arrived

Who is this?

this is the greatest xbi agent there ever was.

You must have the wrong number sir. There is no such thing as the XBI.

tell that to Lucho.


tony pierce, the great.

That agent no longer works here.

first freakin thing you got right this whole call! ok check it, tell Lucho his daughter landed in america, safe n sound.

You keep saying Lucho. Who are you referring to?

bro, ask your boss. i’ll wait.

Agent you claim to have the boss’s daughter?

i do, and if you go to my blog you’ll see her suitcase which includes a full ass bottle of Theraplex.

That’s a lie. 

dude, busblog.com that shit

Agent that cannot cross international borders. You’ll get stopped. And worse.

thats what they told us last month and we had to turn around at niagara  falls.

Turn around? They should have arrested you and contacted us.

border dopes vs xbi and you’re – you know what just tell Lucho that his little girl is about to eat some sweet ass tacos off a truck

We don’t beleive she’s there.

then send your hollywood dude to Tacos Arizas and look for the faintly undercover lightskinned brother with the Cubs hat about to climb the roof of the Walgreens and fly away in Chopper One


with the boss’s daughter.