one hundred percent

sea bass on the right

last night we had some sea bass at my favorite sushi place

sea bass skewers to be precise, as they were two adorable little chunks of love

with good sized tooth picks in em

al dente on the outside. flaky and juicy on the inside,


but the flavor, perhaps it began with the marinade

it was as if the fish had been nursed on the sauce since it was a tadpole.

it was the most delicious cooked fish id ever had.

and all it was was three bites. maybe four.

a famous asian olympic gymnast was there with her mom dad and cousin.

she looks just like she used to, which wasnt that long ago.


anyway, while i was washing my hands in the mens room i noticed a sign next to the mirror.

now despite the fact that everything in this place is fantastic,

i was reluctant to take the $100 wagyu steak seriously.

but as i got back to my seat  i saw a lady in a fur coat order it with mashed potatoes

and i was all, why would someone order steak at the worlds greatest sushi place

but then i had the sea bass and i was all,

i wonder what that steak that ladys eating got nursed on.

love, probs.