fourty five years ago today my mom rushed to the hospital

tony pierce learning piano to give birth to a blogger.

oy vey.

sweetest person you’ll ever meet and look who she’s had to be tortured by day after day week after week.

my mom was born to southern intellects. her ma was a librarian her pa was a professor.

how she ended up with me, a clickit clackitier on a poorly spell checked site about lies and danger and intrigue and bad music and canadian girls way out of my league.

a blogger.

almost a gazillion years ago my mom went through all that and all she got was a blogger.

life isnt fair ive often typed here. and truer words have rarely been typed.

its hard to believe ive been walking this crust this long. it seemed like just yesterday i was playing little league, and then banging on a drum in marching band, and then moving to california for college.

time flies when youre flying a black copter above hollywood.

time flies when youre immersed in the internet where a day is a month and a month is a year.

i feel so blessed to have been on the crazy ride ive been lucky enough to be involved in.

and im so lucky to have known as many of you as i have.

tonight imma drink at one of my favorite hollywood bars. if you wanna join us email me. then tomorrow imma drive around california with the bosses daughter and enjoy something very special and somewhat exclusive and think about you, as i always do

and at night i will thank the Lord that my momma did all she did to make me all i be.

happy almost birthday to me