1. Saturday, October 29, 2011

    creativity is a girlfriend who likes to be kissed a lot 

    some girlfirends shouldnt be kissed alot, like stocks and green plants

    leave those alone. love them, but dont obsess.

    but some girlfriends are like blogs and do way better with attention and nurturing.

    the more constant the better.

    creativity is like a happy dog that wants to play fetch

    for three straight hours.

    then eat. then play for three more.

    with the same stupid smile on its face.

    creativity is like a new car that only wants to stop for gasoline injections

    and hamburgers.

    dont be a sunday driver.

    dont be a part time lover

    says yr best friend, imagination

    riding on a bicycle built for two

    across a tightrope of possibilities

    waiting lovingly for you.