everyone always ends up quoting the wrong best andy warhol quote

andy warhol

im not sure i agree with this one but it sure makes you think

it makes me think “ok if this is true what am i doing about it”

it makes me think “ok if this is true what about all those nights i didnt kiss anyone good nite at all”

it makes me think “why would even andy freakin warhol settle for kissing the wrong person”

it makes me think “after all these years being people on this planet we cant even get this one right?”

it makes me think “maybe sometimes famous people say silly things and we write it down even if we shouldnt”

it makes me think “please god please dont be true”

it makes me think “maybe because the older we get the less value we put on kissing, foolishly”

image via breesays’ eleven best andy warhol quotes