1. Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    five years ago i had so much more hair 

    on sunset blvd

    i still had a bike i never used in my kitchen.

    i didnt have a macbook, an xbox, or a bright future in sales.

    but i had you.

    and you were the wind beneath my wings.

    but today a very nice man turned the channel on one of the tvs away from cnbc

    and over to aretha franklin, the queen of soul, singing the national anthem before the tigers rangers game

    in the motor city.

    aretha probably shoulda worn a dress instead of the tight tshirt

    but when youre the queen and you can sing like she can, you can wear and do anything you want.

    its common law.

    so we all stood around the tv and watched a legend close her eyes and belt it out of the park.

    the chills were contagious.