for my birthday the drummer of Nirvana rocked out for me

dave grohl

and ran past the boss’s daughter and i, and she slapped his sweaty back.

the foo fighters played at the Blizzcon convention which was basically 30,000 World of Warcraft nerds, some of whom dressed up as their favorite characters.

dave grohl being ignored by nerds

i dressed up as the continually misunderstood blogger.

afterwards we went to my favorite sushi place.

the next day we hung out with babies and solomon and i played softball against a bunch of tiny kids

and i gotta say, solomon and i are a pretty damn great team.

meanwhile some of the kids were breaking the law by playing in a fountain that was clearly marked “do not play in this super cute fountain in this super cool kiddie park”

but the kids were rebellious and played and played and played.

one kid ripped his clothes off and jumped into the fountain and was all AMERICA!

it was pretty awesome