1. Monday, October 24, 2011

    happy birthday Gisselle 

    mariettes party

    the message was

    the boss will meet you at Gisselle’s birthday party

    i was all i dont know no one named damn Gisselle

    but i was in the neighborhood anyway

    and when i saw the sign i was all, omg i know whose birthday it is today

    drove two blocks down, tossed my keys to the valet

    a gentleman cracked open the front door of the house a smidge and said recite me a poem

    i said one of mine?

    he said you wanna get in, dont ya.

    so i was all, ah right, ok heres one by bukowski

    I met a genius on the train
    about 6 years old,
    he sat beside me
    and as the train
    ran down along the coast
    we came to the ocean
    and then he looked at me
    and said,
    it’s not pretty.

    and the door opened.