i took this photo in montreal canada usa

in montrael

this old man needed help walking up and down stairs.

meanwhile i was eating brunch at one of those fancy dancy bistros where you get to sit on the sidewalk

and judge people walking past you.

we saw a lady in a parked car open her door and scratch the side of a brand new mercedes benz

by we i mean errryone at the fancy dancy restaurant where i had quiche and drank an imported beer

three british people sat down next to us and two of them smoked while they judged people

and the third just did a little extra judging to make up for not smoking.

at first it started to rain but then the angels were all whoah hold the phone tonys trying to eat a damn quiche

and the sun came out for a bit until we were ready to walk on to whereever was next.

whats next in your day? are you gonna do something you aint never did afore?

are you gonna ask someone a question that they might just say yes about?

something cool that will help you on yr path to yr wildest dream?

if not maybe you should right now this minute

k… go