if obama was smart he’d put jimi hendrix on the dollar


but not the dollar bill, thats old currency

obama should put hendrix on the new silver dollar they keep talking about.

apparently the george washington paper bill cost too much to make and replace all the time

so they want a coin like they have in canada -the loony.

experts say the coins could save the US 5-6 billion clams

americans seem to think that they will mistake a dollar coin from a quarter when they reach in their pocket.

but nowadays people dont have as much money as they used to, so something tells me

no one is just going to casually flip someone a dollar coin when they think its a quarter

people will be paying more attention these days

especially, i say, if jimi’s head is on one side

and him burning his stratacastor is on the flip side.

in fact i bet people might just start collecting those american dollar coins

especially if there are new ones every year or so.

youre welcome.