1. Friday, October 28, 2011

    im not afraid to die 

    but i do worry about losing my zing.

    my panache.

    my joi de vive or however the french spell it.

    i know i wont live forever but while i am here will i always have the desire to rock out with my

    heart on my sleeve, as it were.

    will i always feel as alive and confident and

    indestructible as i do now?

    sure im alone, im graying, im freshly rejected

    but thats nothing new.

    im also free, breathing, and eating snickers at 3am.

    with very little responsibility other than to my boss

    my God

    and my country

    and you the busblog reader.

    ive received some amazing emails this week. and since this is the last friday in october i really should do an ask tony but a) im not sure how many of you are out there

    and b) im afraid you may not be ready for love

    i can tell you this right now america, im ready for love.

    watch me stare back unblinkingly.

    just watch.