know what rhymes with a sushi place with cute little boats of sushi floating by?

fly in my sushi

hey bro does that look like a super dooper happy and now sleeping fly?

ok so that isnt the best rhyme but whatevs, it was decent fish and i’ll be back.

it was 100 degrees today in LA just like what Jackie Johnson promised.

98 degrees

i love LA when its hot but heres what i dont like

i dont like strip malls that have a mini Post Office

and a mini Postal Store 200 feet away from each other.

heres why: dudes like me will type in “post office” in google maps and murphys law

will walk into the Postal Store instead of the Post Office

thus when i waltz in attempting to buy a stamp to send a letter across town

i will get charged 75 cents from the store owner trying to make a profit on stamps.

“yes but i only want a normal stamp,” says i.

“yep, normal stamp 75,” says he as he unpeels the forever stamp, places it on my envelope

and pats it down professionally,

in a manner that says “this pat alone is worth the extra 31 cents.”

fly in my boat in sushi

100 degree temps

overpriced stamps.

i clearly need some organic beer at a neux veux vegan brewery that has valet.

mohawk blend, here i come!