know who i love?


know what bands i love?


know what band i love who just came out with a new album today?

austin’s finest band

thats the cover.

and guess what? the record inside is just as good as the cover outside.

only reason i know Quiet Company is because their singer song writing front man Taylor Muse

is married to a long time blogger amigo of mine Leah Muse

when she told me she was getting married i was all but youre so young.

and she was all, but omg you hafta meet Taylor.

and when i met Taylor i was all, ok got it.

then when they told me about Quiet Company i was all, meh sounds lame and what a lame name.

but when i heard them and saw them live i was all OMG

and this album is better than all their others and all their others were DAMN GOOD, SON

i cant wait for the world to discover them. cuz they will.

last years SXSW Bill Murray discovered them. or was that two years ago?

yeah it was two years ago.

cuz i took this pic of them a day after Bill Murray was all OMG

i think you should spend $8 on this record of theirs.

right now if you get the mp3s off amazon they throw in all these extra tunes.

pretty awesome deal, actually.

so glad they have a new record!

and you can hear it here afore you buy it.

ps Leah is the best photographer of all