nothing in here is true

  1. Friday, October 28, 2011

    beastie boys + obey + atwater village 

    there’s a pretty new blog called LA I Love You, check that

    its called LA I HEART You — no thats not right

    its named Los Angeles, I’m Yours

    it is created by a former LAist art writer, Bobby Solomon

    and its awesome. it’s beautiful. i love it.

    it’s fantastic.

    recently they posted this video about G-Son Studios, the Atwater Village hotspot where the Beasties recorded Check Your Head, Ill Communication and Hello Nasty

    the building also is the place where guys like Beck recorded and Diplo now produces hits.

    Obey did a short doc on the place that i got a kick out of because its so LA – not the way hollywood portrays this fine land, but how it really is in places like Atwater Village

    where the action is.

  2. im not afraid to die 

    but i do worry about losing my zing.

    my panache.

    my joi de vive or however the french spell it.

    i know i wont live forever but while i am here will i always have the desire to rock out with my

    heart on my sleeve, as it were.

    will i always feel as alive and confident and

    indestructible as i do now?

    sure im alone, im graying, im freshly rejected

    but thats nothing new.

    im also free, breathing, and eating snickers at 3am.

    with very little responsibility other than to my boss

    my God

    and my country

    and you the busblog reader.

    ive received some amazing emails this week. and since this is the last friday in october i really should do an ask tony but a) im not sure how many of you are out there

    and b) im afraid you may not be ready for love

    i can tell you this right now america, im ready for love.

    watch me stare back unblinkingly.

    just watch.

  3. Thursday, October 27, 2011

    are we only happy when we’re in turmoil? 


    today hugh macleod raises an interesting point, that many of us only feel comfortable when we are stressed out

    happiness does freak me out sometimes, which is why i try to practice at it

    but i do see myself sabotaging relationships for the dumbest reasons: to see if it can withstand things, to see if i can take it down from the high highs and back down to the more comfortable lows, etc

    am i afraid i will burn my wings if i get too close to the sun?

    i think people like frustration is because we seem built to solve problems better than we are to appreciate joy – and build on it.

    meanwhile we all know that suffering should not be the norm

    but we rarely embrace love without feeling dumb or embarrassed or braggadocios.

    i guess we are doomed.

    or am i wrong?

  4. the birthday celebrations continued last night 

    kit kat ice cream at kanpai

    karisa was busy during my birthday weekend so she invited me to dinner, her treat

    where would you like to go she asked?

    anywhere, i dont care. who cares. i was sad for different reasons than aging.

    if you could go anywhere where would you go? she asked.

    i said i dont care. gimme steak. gimme soul food.

    how about vegan soul food she asked trying to help me be a healthier man. but on my birthday i dont wanna be healthy. i wanna be reckless. i wanna be anything but healthy.

    so we decided on italian in marina del rey.

    but anyone who knows me knows that i am one to easily change his mind, and when i do make an audible, it usually ends up being a safe one to something i love.

    thus Kanpai, the greatest sushi place in the world, and maybe the universe.

    last time i was there, saturday, my man Peter wasnt there, so the lights were not turned off, and a big hub bub was not made.

    but last night Peter was there and Karisa whispered in his ear and in a few minutes the lights were off and Peter said “one of our regular customers, Tony is here to celebrate his birthday…”

    it was so sweet. then someone asked, “what makes him a regular?”

    and peter said, he comes here every week, sometimes more.

    which is so true, cuz its so good, and they are so nice.

    its a little sad i need to freelance as an undercover xbi agent once in a while to pay off my kanpai tabs, but its totally worth it.

    so thank you karisa, and thank you peter and denny and errryone at kanpai for the very very nice evening last night.

  5. Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    if i had a house, id totally do this to it 

    correction, i would totally pay someone to do this to it.

    strange how i still love this LMAOF tune.

    anyways heres what the dude wrote on his youtube page about his house:

    4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights. Most all lights have been changed from incandescent to RGB LED so power consumption is a lot less than previous years. Also DMX added to show. All lights, faces and props are custom made (DIY) by me except for the roof line which are CCRs. Controlling channels have gone up 8X from last year. 1144 channels. Light-O-Rama. Riverside, CA

    with my luck though all this would attract are those zombie dancers shufflin

  6. Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    xbi was all Have the boss’s daughter’s bags packed by 8am tomorrow 

    etienne aida at griffith park observatory near the hollywood sign

    i was all i have no idea who youre talking about

    they were like We have been monitoring your gmail. We know everything.

    at that point i knew XBIsucks666 was a bad idea for a password

    the boss’s daughter never made it to America, i bluffed, you stopped her at the border

    Then whats this picture all about? they asked, and emailed me the photo you see above.

    photoshop is a powerful piece of software i said. theres pics of me floating around with an afro and a handlebar moustache.

    Have her bags packed. The boss will arrive at your location at 8am. Don’t keep him waiting, and do not disappoint him.

    i said, shes not here.

    they said, see that car across the street? i looked out my window and it blew up.

    and i laughed, but inside i was dying.

  7. if im the majority we all in trouble 

    every now and then i feel a little disconnected from society.

    like when a boy band is all the rage

    or when the grammys get lower ratings than american idol

    even as they give grammys to american idol winners.

    it feels like im a camera lens and someones turned my focus just a little soft.

    drove past city hall yesterday and all these tents were on the lawn

    it didnt hit me the way they probably wanted it to.


  8. Monday, October 24, 2011

    happy birthday Gisselle 

    mariettes party

    the message was

    the boss will meet you at Gisselle’s birthday party

    i was all i dont know no one named damn Gisselle

    but i was in the neighborhood anyway

    and when i saw the sign i was all, omg i know whose birthday it is today

    drove two blocks down, tossed my keys to the valet

    a gentleman cracked open the front door of the house a smidge and said recite me a poem

    i said one of mine?

    he said you wanna get in, dont ya.

    so i was all, ah right, ok heres one by bukowski

    I met a genius on the train
    about 6 years old,
    he sat beside me
    and as the train
    ran down along the coast
    we came to the ocean
    and then he looked at me
    and said,
    it’s not pretty.

    and the door opened.