steve jobs, rest in peace

there were walkmans before apple and people loved them, but Steve Jobs brought it into the future

there were computers before apple and people loved them, but Steve Jobs made them reasonable and reliable

my first computer was the Apple IIc, the computer i first bought for the web was an Apple 6300cd

the computer i am using right now is a MacBook Pro, the only laptop i could ever imagine owning right now.

my phone is an iPhone, the only phone i could imagine using

and my next big purchase will be an iPad

with that said, I never thought of Jobs as being a genius insomuch as i thought pretty much everyone else slacked.

why did Michael Dell never get it together after he had his moment in the sun

why couldnt Microsoft’s Zune adjust to its initial asskicking?

and why does it feel like every other tablet out there is just a poor man’s iPad

a second rate ripoff, a counterfeit, a dirty fraud?

perhaps because Apple was an ideal that the products had to live up to

while everyone else simply made products that acted and felt

simply like products.

in Heaven tonight i hope Kurdt and Jimi greeted Jobs

by wearing white turtle necks and jeans.