1. Sunday, October 23, 2011

    theres this rumor that griffith park is named after this dude who 

    from griffith park

    shot his wife in santa monica

    somehow she was falling from a window

    and strangely she only went blind in one eye.

    so griffith only had to go to san quentin prison for a couple of years. and not longer, like he deserved.

    when he came back to los angeles he wanted everyone to love him.

    he had a lot going for him, he was rich, like super dooper rich,

    he was a war hero, and he had great stories from The Q.

    the year was long long ago and los angeles had lots of land up for grabs

    especially over by what would one day be the hollywood hills

    so griffith said hey LA what if i gave the city all this land for you to do whatever you want

    as long as its a park

    and LA, which even back then was too school for cool was all yawn ok.

    then griffith was gonna croak of olde age cuz back then you died at 44 so he said

    hey LA how about i give you an outdoor rock concert arena in the park

    and the coolest observatory and they were all nah youre horrible

    then he died

    and they said, ok fine.