today is the xbi boss’s birthday

boss's daughter

there isnt much known about the boss other than he

a) has a daughter
b) may have more offspring
c) is happily married
d) is from chile
e) lived for quite a while in canada
f) has spent good amount of time in the usa
g) enjoys baseball
h) babies love him
i) errryone loves him
j) doesn’t speak much

apparently the plan was to get me to re-join the xbi – again – but i went the exact other way and signed on with public radio this fall, as many of you know.

some people call that the closest thing to socialism in the USA next to working at a post office.

so the boss’s daughter decided she would try to woo me into joining her daddy’s undercover superhero group herself. but something happened and the canadian xbi, the cix, caused problems for us at the border.

never one to put his daughter in danger, the boss allowed her to visit me in Hollywood, but quickly removed her from my premises soon after my birthday and now she is back in canada, where i assume he is too.

ive never met the boss, only spoken to him via Skype, but the way the xbi works, it was entirely a hoax for all i know. either way the gentleman on the other side of the screen was everything i expected: soft spoken, suave, and eerily polite.

odds are he was reading my mind. sadly for him, the pages in my head are mostly blank or scribbled over.

legend has it that the boss was quite a rebel back in the day, and nowadays he handles his business in a much more subtle way. nearly zen like, stealthy.

like the King Ad Rock, the boss’s birthday is Oct 31, which is today.

we, past present and future xbi agents are all extremely happy that Lucho was born today. the world is better, safer, and funkier thanks to his presence.

Felis Kumpliåños el Jefe!