white girls rapping

kayBAYbayy420 on her first track she claims

whats great about this video, besides the pretty great lyrics

is that she seems to get a phone call and IM while trying to do her thing

does she use the n word? yes. whoops.

here we have heytheresexi1 who warns other women about her friends

because they carry weapons, allegedly.

either her room is very clean or she’s youtubing from a motel room.

which is a nice touch.

does she use the n word? oh yes. probably offensively.

lastly we meet a young lady who at first tells a sad story about her mother

and how her mother isnt there any more.

we feel for her as she as she delivers the tragedy

and then she says that she rips up the near-daily checks her father sends

and is frustrated with how much marijuana she smokes

in such a way that as it ends we see that the whole thing may have been a tribute

to the demon weed.

even she smiles at the end, wickedly.