worst person of the week: this cop in oakland

we can debate all night as to whether the Occupy movement has an end game, if they need a leader, and if theyre generally confused as to what the Occupy movement is all about.

the LA Times last week ran several pieces last week about Occupy LA including a news item about a radio talk show host who went there to try to stir things up, a gentle Kate Linthicum column one feature about some of the people spending time on City Hall’s lawn, a trippy Bryan Chan panorama of the scene, and today columnist Steve Lopez appeared a bit fed up with the whole deal.

but one guy who was clearly fed up with the protests happening in Oakland was one of the East Bay’s finest who took it upon himself to throw an exploding gas grenade into a group of protesters who were ailing a fallen comrade.

even if there were 100 perfect oakland cops out there that night, this one ruined it all for all of them.

my only hope is that the ranks collapse on that bad apple, and kick him out as quickly as they can.