hollywood and highland stop

see manager

yesterday your pal todd wrote this on his facebook wall:

To anyone who thinks L.A. is a decent place to live, please, come to Hollywood on Halloween night, and you will see the essence of this city at its most distilled. I’m surprised I even made it home. There were three fist-fights on my car on the Red Line, when a Mexican family boarded the train, with two kids in strollers and a 6-8 year old, half the car chanted “GREEN CARD!” for THREE stops, and when an Asian couple dared step on, half the car chanted “FUCK ASIANS” for a stop and a half. Home sweet home.

todd lives in a slightly different part of hollywood than i do.

its two subway stops north

and yet this year he witnessed a murder on my beloved red line and now this.

todd is a be-speckled sensitive man.

he’s also one of the finest music writers in the land.

he deserves better.

one day he will have better.

hollywood goes through different stages. when i first moved here in the mid 80s

hollywood blvd was a cruisin zone on weekend nights.

just cars and people driving slow on purpose to check everyone else out.

after a while it got super dingy

and now its in its post-comeback mode

hollywood has a crust to it and youve gotta enjoy that crust

or you’re gonna hate it all.

i like it so much i jog in it in the middle of the night to bear witness.

hollywood is a hollywood movie

made for tv.