one of the worlds greatest photo blogs turns 1 today

lindsey and leah 7 years ago with tony pierce

a little more than 7 years ago i was working at buzznet

buzznet was holding a sxsw party in austin and i invited young leah whose blogging skillz i had totally admired.

she said can i bring a friend? i was all sure. she was all, ive never met her before. i said hahaha ok fine crazy person.

that new friend of leah’s turned out to be a young lady named lindsey. we all met that night.

because life is strange and wonderful, leah and lindsey became friends and years later they would become excellent excellent photographers and bffs

and business partners as wedding photographers.

their photo site The Life You Love is so beautiful its ridic. its also a great glimpse of Austin. its also a nice look at people at their happiest.

anyways i had always appreciated their work but not until today when i saw the photo above did i realize that Leah’s Lindsey was THAT Lindsey who i believe she met first on Myspace

omg life is so strange. and beautiful.

happy first birthday Leah and Lindsey!