andy rooney has a posse

andy rooney enters the army

one two testing one two. people say they dont like andy rooney and im all omg what planet are we living on?

andy rooney had the greatest job in the world. once a week he got to get on his soapbox and let people have it.

he didnt even have to stand.

the only bad thing about his job was he had to wear that uncomfortable suit.

to me thats the worst thing about 60 Minutes as a whole, you’ve gotta own a suit.

they’d probably loan one to you, but the general idea is “people wont take you seriously unless you have a dark suit on.”

id love to have andy rooney’s job, but suits are for job interviews and funerals.

if youve got something interesting to say, and you wanna prove through haberdashery that you know a thing or two about life, get your ass on 60 Minutes with a Motörhead t-shirt and  some cutoffs

and i’ll say ok that guy is his own man

and then i’ll pay attention.

andy rooney was his own man and for most of my life he was his own old man, and i appreciated that.

i waited for the end of that show to hear what first world problems he was encountering

and id think life is good.

im sad to see him go but im happy to learn that you can be casually cranky and live into your 90s.

sucks you had to wear a suit for most of that.