my mom was all please dont talk about the xbi


it scares her.

“why dont you write about the Bears. or Dancing with the Stars? there are so many topics you could write about.”

she was upset that monday the Bears were on monday night football

and it conflicted with her favorite show. and it made her forget that Chicago was playing on tv.

once upon a time she was sooooo happy to have gotten AT&T U-verse that would allow her to record 4 shows at the same time

but when it came to a practical use case where it was probably a good idea to record just 2 shows,

well, she fumbled.

my sister thinks that my mom is a jinx when it comes to da bears, and maybe it was a good idea that she didnt see the monsters of the midway upset Michael Vick in philly the other day,

but we are Christians. Christians dont believe in “jinxes” or bad luck. right?

we believe in the power of prayer.

by we of course i mean me, solely. and i seriously doubt that The Good Lord answers prayers about pro sports.

something tells me that He has more important things to concern himself with.

also as Christians we should trust and believe that God has our backs

which means when i climb into Chopper One, or slide into the xbi mobile, Someone Up There is co-piloting

sorta the way R2-D2 was in the back of Luke’s X-Wing as he was trying to blow up the Death Star.

but its funny that many many Christians still arent sure, and when push comes to shove they cross their fingers or perform odd rituals, like not watching the game for “good luck”.

there was a golfer who once hit a hole-in-one. the issue of luck was presented to him.

he said two things i will never forget.

the first was simple, “i dont know why you people are getting so crazy, you realize i WAS aiming at the hole.”

the other was devine, he said, “the more i practice, the luckier i get.”

practice being amazing.

practice having courage.

practice trusting the good things in your life and the angelic people who surround you.

and always aim for exactly what you want.