why does the limited run mcrib come out when it does?

apparently it all has to do with the delicious law of supply and demand

who knew?

all i know is ive had at least one mcrib a week

and i know its nice to be able to say YES when the person in the drive thru box mumbles, “welcome to mcdonalds would you like to try the blah blah blah”?

lately ive been alternating between



the minimum wagers, of whom i used to be one of, seem to enjoy it.

bon appetite!

biggie the baby whisperer

i was at a party last night where about half of the peeps had babies.

very sweet people, very sweet offspring.

the hostess asked me when i was gonna start reproducing.

i told her ive been practicing a lot

but i havent completed the final exam.

can you imagine what this blog would be if it was filled with items about how i went about child-rearing or married life?

sure itd be omg-awesome, but im sure my children would be taken away from me.

or theyd run away from me.

but at least there would be good music rockin the crib while they were around.