today is gregg hartling’s birthday, he’s 24

gregg and his lovely bride gregg is the reason you like the way the busblog looks

gregg is the reason you like the way this blog performs

gregg is the reason when you click the magnifying glass a blimp appears.

he hand-drew everything you see here. he hand-coded everything else.

about this time last year i decided that i wanted to switch the nearly decade-old busblog from Blogger to WordPress.

i wanted to do it for several reasons, one of which was because i wanted to show people at the LA Times what a real wordpress blog could look and act like.

gregg had worked at the times with me back in the good old days and he was a longtime reader of the busblog even before we had met. thus he was the perfect man for the job.

getting thousands of posts from blogger to wordpress wasnt easy, and making that little twitter bird was also not so simple, but gregg did it, on budget, and it launched exactly when i wanted it to: during halftime of last years super bowl.

gregg and his beautiful bride (pictured) are now in costa rica, guatemala, or mexico city or somewhere south of the border, but he is still available to make your blog and/or website as killer as this one is. you can reach him at Incredibly Lifelike.

i am very grateful to know him and to have worked with him and i wish him a delightful 24th birthday. ole!