i love jack in the box and mcdonalds. like, a lot.

jack in the box is open

and i especially like that they really seem to do whatever they can to please me.

but they dont need to work their people on thanksgiving.

i can handle it.

yes i will miss not having a mcrib at lunch

yes i will miss not having two tacos at midnight.

but i will survive.

please let your people enjoy their little holiday where we celebrate

being thankful

lets really be thankful, the way americans should be thankful

which, i hate to break it to you, and i am fast food’s numero uno fan-o,

but the best way to be thankful on thanksgiving is not at mcdonalds

or jack in the box.

its in front of a tv, drinking bad american lite beer

in our underwear

and passing out of boredom.

its not just a normal thursday.

its take a break driver eight day.

ken layne has a posse

ken layne has a posse

im a lucky man.

i have a good job. i have good health. i have great friends.

and i live in a climate where i rarely need to turn on a fan or a space heater.

but maybe the best blessing that i have is that i was touched by the healing hands of Ken Layne.

no, not in any pervy way that joe paterno should alert the authorities about,

but in a sweet, magical, odd way.

a long long time ago before many of you were even in high school, i shared a victorian home in the haight with some now powerful and influential gentlemen

mr charlie hornberger, mr dan hilldale, mr don frances, mr mike hickey

and mr ken layne and i all lived under the same roof.

we had one bathroom and several computers – and one very spotty ISDN line.

the year was 1879 and the internet had barely any peachfuzz on its scruff.

mr layne was way ahead of any of us with a website condemning the atrocities in a weird place called Iraq.

the site was called Tabloid and even though it doesnt exist in any serious way on the web it was the blueprint by which many of us went on to (very little-)fame and (not much-) fortune.

the other day we were wishing charlie and bonnie farewell as they take an around the world cruise and i spotted a child’s drawing of their uncle Ken.

it made me so happy i paused a moment before i hunted for a beer bottle opener for my IPA.

anyways, ken now runs Wonkette which is the natural progression of Tabloid where our hero writes about the political atrocities of a weird place called Jesusland.

god bless mr layne. just sayin.