i suppose this is where Grand Theft Auto has led us to

And although it hurts me to see humankind treated so badly

And although it doesnt seem like much of a “game” to walk around and kill stuff with seemingly no challenge

And although the weapons and vehicles seem too good to be true

And we won’t talk about the disrespectful portrayal of women

theres a small chance i may end up putting this on my GameFly queue

my mom gets nervous when i dont blog early in the morn


she doesnt like to think that her son is part of an undercover superhero group called the xbi

who steals from the thieves and gives to themselves

and flies around the city of angels protecting it (and causing problems)

so an agreement has been made that as long as the busblog is being updated then she knows alls good in the hood.

so at 2:45pm pacific standard time there was a text message into Chopper One

“just letting you know i know you’re ok, but whats up with the busblog?”

which is mom code for “hi im worrying.”

strangely at that point she should have been worrying.

but thanks to some amazing technology that may or may not have been soviet based and ridiculously illegal, her son is now back on the ground and taking pictures of the wealthy who are closing the top of their luxury car

while waiting for the light to change.

love ya mom. Go Bears!