the millennial moment happened in davis, california

i know i complain about the kids today.

i know i taunt them unfairly when i ask them “where is your Zeppelin, your Clash, your AC/DC”

i know they’re trying.

some of us feel like they have had everything handed to them: the interweb, flat screen tvs, ipods, tivo, jon stewart – and we wonder what have they done with all of that?

ok not we, me.

and recently i thought, maybe they have too much, maybe creativity and inspiration comes when you are suffering.

necessity is the mother of invention, etc.

then an overweight cop in Davis casually sprayed some of them in the face with pepper spray

at point blank range and errrything changed.

and then the very next day, at night, the chancellor of the university where it all went down came out of a long meeting and walked across the campus

past the students who were in the grass protesting

and the kids, god bless em, gave the greatest silent treatment to her

of all time.

major props to you. seriously.

now plug in a damn guitar.

freedom is wasted on the incarcerated

repeat that you are free

we all have our different definitions for freedom.

i pretend that this, the world famous busblog, is home to freedoms, but no.

sadly i cant write everything i want in here, which is why al gore

and ev williams invented Secret Blogs.

but even the 1% cant say the things they really wanna say.

if they appear racist or sexist or ignorant in major ways they might lose access or profits

so they usually just keep their mouths closed in public

which is the opposite of free.

seems to me that the only ones who can really be free to say what they want

are babies

and prisoners in the clink for life terms.

and oh yes, terrorists.

who, it appears, have won again.