dreams come true when youre asleep

etienne at the hard rock

this has been the best and worst year of my life.

i have enjoyed extremely high highs and survived shocking lows.

people have rejected, wooed, shunned, and loved me in ways id never expected.

i nearly died five times, twice in the same night in vegas

the xbi alone has tried to take me in and then take me out in the same day

i was enlightened more than once this year but not in a vortex.

this whole year has been a vortex.

a trippy slow-motion one where i got spit out at the end and landed miraculously unscathed.

there is nothing on my walls. it is the Buddhist goal of emptiness.

the cubs now have the most sought after baseball mind in the game.

i feel like i finally have the beginnings of a good understanding of canada

my home away from home.

i had the most amazing summer vacation, in the fall.

appropriate because i have risen, and fallen, repeatedly.

and when this year is up

i’ll be alone.

dreams do come true, however,

but they expire faster than a kardashian wedding.

so eat all the cake, before you wake.