8 1/2 minutes in Jerry Brown’s California

UC Davis is about a half hour from the governor’s mansion in Sacramento.

what you see here is what the XBI calls a power play.

the students, angry that once again their tuition to attend a public university is going up, staged a sit-down protest on the grounds of their campus.

the police, ordered from on high to break up the protest, dressed in riot gear and bulletproof vests and pepper sprayed the students when they would not Obey and remove themselves from the sidewalk in the quad of the sleepy campus.

the results appear to be akin to using a sledgehammer to pop a zit.

especially when its being documented by scores of camera wielding kids who just happen to be chanting and screaming and making the actions of the public servants seem even more brutal that if the confrontation was merely reported in print.

there is some video of this standoff that is even more dramatic than this one. showing you that perspective can sometimes intensify or lessen how one feels about the exact same exchange.

although some governors might puff up in pride if the saw video like this happening 30 minutes from their backyard, im assuming this made Gov. Brown cringe as he is one who often champions “the people”.

the people got sprayed in the face for occupying a sidewalk in davis.

and then the cops cowered home on video to the shouts of kids recording it all on their iPads.

when the billionaire mayor of New York does this sort of thing to the self-proclaimed 99% the symbolism is impossible to miss.

likewise it’s hard to overlook the irony when peaceful protestors are being roughed up minutes from the mansion of Governor Moonbeam.

this is the third time Brown has been governor of the Golden State

seems to me that this could be the first truly Golden opportunity for him to lead in a way that is different than those on the other coast.

and if it were inspiring leadership, rooted in the liberal foundation that he is known for (and has been elected to echo),

it could prove more interesting than the pictures that were shot yesterday.

and for a moment people might not realize that California is in as much trouble as it is.