1. Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    i love jack in the box and mcdonalds. like, a lot. 

    jack in the box is open

    and i especially like that they really seem to do whatever they can to please me.

    but they dont need to work their people on thanksgiving.

    i can handle it.

    yes i will miss not having a mcrib at lunch

    yes i will miss not having two tacos at midnight.

    but i will survive.

    please let your people enjoy their little holiday where we celebrate

    being thankful

    lets really be thankful, the way americans should be thankful

    which, i hate to break it to you, and i am fast food’s numero uno fan-o,

    but the best way to be thankful on thanksgiving is not at mcdonalds

    or jack in the box.

    its in front of a tv, drinking bad american lite beer

    in our underwear

    and passing out of boredom.

    its not just a normal thursday.

    its take a break driver eight day.