jackie johnson got married

jackie johnson got married in june

if you recall, in august the busblog tried to call out LA’s most lovely weathercaster Jackie Johnson for being married.

even on Twitter i was all, omg JJ look at that rock. admit that you got hitched!

but CBS’s best just stayed cool and kept us guessing.

until today.

today on her Facebook she broke the news (and erryone’s hearts) by posting a half dozen pictures of she and her man getting married on the white sandy beach of Antigua

in June.

ok so the busblog was 2 months late on the news, but do you know any one else who even whispered about it?

anyways, congratulations Jackie Johnson. when you are telling us the news, we stop what we’re doing.

quite a trick when we’re talking about LA weather, which is generally lovely.

except for today.