kina grannis spent two years making this week’s best new video

kina grannis is the sweetest singer songwriter you’ll ever meet.

her concerts are love fests where likeminded sweet people hang out to sing along with their muse and troubadour.

so of course her new video “in your arms” is adorably crafted out of more than a quarter million jelly beans.

and of course the director and production team are equally sticky sweet

the busblog was first introduced to kina through a mixer at a swanky hotel on the wesssside, not really the type of function i usually attend but im glad i did.

matt van horn then of digg introduced us because she was all the rage on that site

after meeting her and later seeing her at the hotel cafe i could see why. her music is solid, but her personality is so positive and engaging – whats not to love?

i also like that she has no problems playing cover songs and being totally prolific on youtube. likewise she gives shoutouts to her fans on the videos and is completely there with the people who love her the most.

and she can sing.

very glad she turned her back on the major label and went out on her own.

no way would a label let a cute little pop singer spend 2 years on a jelly bean video.