know who im thankful for?

banksy in frisco


he painted something cool on a wall in Chinatown

so jeanine said, you should go see it.

“they put plastic over it so no one would ruin it.”

so i drove up to Isla Vista since i had some days off and i picked her up and here we are in frisco

madonna inn

but on the way we stopped by the Madonna Inn, a place id never been inn for some reasinn

pinnk as hell

but not annoyinn

decided if i ever got married itd be there, so save up cuz they have over 100 rooms

and theyre all different. but they cost at least 200 bones each

and i aint payin, cuz i gotta get bands to show up at the madonna inn to rock

bed in frisco

speaking of rocking, jeaninn has an inn to some raiders tickets tomorrow

so we’re hoping that comes through.

make a wish!