1. Saturday, November 19, 2011

    now we know why this kid wants to be sedated, hes a jets fan 

    remember this adorable kid with his brother in the bath tub singing to the ramones?

    turns out he is a Jets fan, and doesnt realize that the game is played between the lines

    and not played on paper

    at least thats what his video-taping mom is trying to convince him

    while watching him whine and cry

    like a six year old in his pajamas.

    mom just needs to agree with the boy by saying something like the AFC East is a beast

    and although dreams do sometimes come true

    this time theres no way Mark Sanchez is gonna do much but look pretty in defeat.

    now nite nite little guy and figure out a way to dig us out of this economic mess

    that will really make you cry once you turn off ESPN and click over to the actual news.