1. Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    omg today is Danielle’s birthday 

    omg danielle is having her 24th birthday in the nude

    and omg today she texted me to let me know, but who the hell doesnt know its her special day???

    so i called her back immediately and was all happy birthday happy birthday

    and she was all thanks thanks thanks

    and then she told me the best news i had heard all day

    danielle after many many many failed attempts has found a boyfriend!

    youd think someone as fun and beautiful and funny as danielle should have men lining around the block

    but little known fact about san dieger, where she lives, unfortch, is that its a sorta horrible place

    particularly bad if you are a blonde bombshell with some smarts and a penchant for french films, european tennis, and long walks on the beach ending in hackey sack and white zin

    apparently the san diegan fellas either want to date evil vixens or bubbly brain deads

    but cupid finally found a great guy for our girl and you could hear her beaming over the phone

    which is pretty much the best thing evar.

    so happy birthday Danielle! so glad that things are going better down there!

    now get him to move you back to LA and all will be well!