1. Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    on my way to UCLA to interview to be their new football coach 

    hotel frank

    college football doesnt interest me much,

    which is probs why UCLA called me last night as i was driving through Bakersfield

    yo busblog wanna coach our football team?

    hmmm? can i keep my job at KPCC?

    sure why not?

    so in an hour i’ll be in Westwood, so keep an eye out Bruins

    mark johnson at Brendas

    before i jet, two shoutouts are necessary

    the first goes out to the xbi handbook that recommended Hotel Frank in SF – classy, sweet, and reasonable

    on top you’ll see the view from our bed.

    the other goes out to Mr Mark Johnson who met us for breakfast at Brenda’s on Polk.

    its a 3 yr old soul food place. great benigets (pictured)

    and i had this grits with cheese and shrimp omg omg

    go! eat! sleep!